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The Best Plastic Surgery and Surgeons in Seattle

Welcome! There are tons of options for plastic surgery in Seattle are listed here. We have hand-picked the top choices for your city. Check out their reviews, and book an appointment online with them. Whether you're seeking to beautify a specific area, or are just exploring your options - we have the solution for you. Each clinic has something different and unique to offer in terms of surgical operations. PlasticSpot is totally transparent, and all of their credentials, contact information, and business details are listed in our pages. Thanks for using our amazing website! We're excited to help you find the right professional for your dreams. Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Situated on the west coast, a seaport city, Seattle is also amongst the fastest growing cities as well as the 15th largest city in the US with about 730,000 residents. Seattle is well-known for its educational facilities as well as the healthcare system. The city’s paramedic services are modern as well as developed. The city is home to the world’s technology giant players Amazon and Microsoft. There are many renowned hospitals in Seattle offering advanced medical services. In fact the city of Seattle is renowned to house the world’s leading medical research institutions – The University of Washington. With an array of top-notch renowned medical centres and facilities in the city, Seattle definitely lives up to its traits and expectations. The city is also famous for its plastic surgery clinics. In fact, some of the best plastic surgeons in the US are from Seattle. Today, plastic surgery is not just about enhancing a body part but it encompasses various types of treatments as well. For example, skin treatment, breast reconstruction, etc., are also a part of plastic surgery now offering solace and a chance at leading a normal life to many. From eyebrows to feet, there is no body part that is beyond correction with plastic surgery. Be it face lift, brow lift, fat removal, liposuction, tummy tuck, body contouring, breast enhancement or reduction, rhinoplasty or correction of nose shape, eyelid correction, or lip enhancement, plastic surgery is here to help you to get a new look and a new outlook altogether. So, what are you still waiting for? Grab a comprehensive knowhow about the best plastic surgeons practising in Seattle and give yourself a chance to look more beautiful. Here are the five most renowned plastic surgeons in Seattle who are not only best qualified to offer plastic surgeries but are also reputed as well as respected for their approach and understanding. These facilities offer high-end treatments that focus on care, technology and trust.

Furthermore, we have locations in other Canadian cities such as Vancouver and Toronto. We include American (USA) cities too including San Jose.

Downey Plastic Surgery Dan Downey MD FACS

Downey Plastic Surgery

One of the most reputed plastic surgery clinics in Seattle, it is helmed by Dr. Dan Downey MD FACS. He has around three decades of experience and was chosen as one of the ‘Top Doctors’ by Seattle Magazine. A graduate from the University of Washington Medical Center, Dr. Downey also has the reputed diplomate from the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. He is also American Board of Plastic Surgeons certified. A recipient of the coveted ‘Outstanding Contributions in Plastic Surgery’ Award, Dr. Downey is known for his expertise in practicing plastic and reconstructive surgery. Located in the Northwest Hospital & Medical Center McMurray Building on 1536 N 115th Street Suite 105, the clinic has a state-of-the-art center with modern devices and technology. The clinic gives utmost important to privacy and has the AAAASF-certified Ambulatory Surgery Center. They lend individualized care and offer both reconstructive as well as cosmetic surgeries. Along with Dr. Downey works a team of skilled and qualified professionals who are committed to patient care. The pricing of the procedures at the clinic are competitive as well. Dr. Downey offers a variety of plastic surgery procedures including eyelid surgery, facial rejuvenation, skin and lip treatments, skin care, and breast reshaping. Facial rejuvenation comprises tightening of skin, removing fat and also treating sagging skin. The procedures under the reconstruction surgeries include face and ear surgeries, breast reconstruction and skin cancer treatments. The clinic also offers body contouring and reshaping procedures. The reconstructive skin cancer treatments include simple as well as complex procedures. It could be just correcting a scar or even tissue transfer. The procedures do not just involve repairing and removal of damaged skin tissues but also rebuilding the skin to improve its appearance and function. The treatment has been a boon to many cancer survivors in and around Seattle.

Newvue Plastic Surgery Dr. George G. Min MD

Newvue Plastic Surgery

The Newvue Plastic Surgery Clinic is situated on 10047 Main Street and is amongst the famous plastic surgery offices in Seattle. Founded by Dr. George G. Min in 2008, the clinic offers plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments. Dr. Min is one of the top plastic surgeons in Seattle and has many credentials that prove his experience and skills in plastic surgery. Dr. Min holds a dual degree, first in Biochemistry from University of Washington and the medical degree from the University of Southern California. He also serves in many hospitals as well. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He has also trained in South Korea. Dr. Min believes plastic surgery can be a tool to change people’s lives for the better. He specializes in both cosmetic as well as reconstructive surgeries. While in Korea, Dr. Min had the opportunity to learn the latest and advanced procedures in aesthetic surgery as well as minimally invasive procedures. The clinic comprises a beautiful office, a consultation room and an operating room. The facility has state-of-the-art technology offering latest medical facilities. The consultation room ensures privacy as well as information with product literature, samples and photos. They also have the morphing software to let you know how the results would look on you. The operating room is one of the best with on-site surgical suite with the best safety standards and modern technology. The recovery room is comfy and at the same time, equipped to ensure you are taken care of and relaxed. There is a private entrance and an underground garage. The procedures at Newvue Plastic Surgery include surgical as well as non-surgical procedures. The surgical procedures are for breast, body and face while the non-surgical procedures include skin, hair and laser treatments. They offer all types of plastic surgery treatments for breast including augmentation, reduction, lift and reconstruction. The body procedures include arm lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, thigh lift, body lift and more.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Facility Frank Isik, MD FACS

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Facility

Dr. Frank Isik, one of the top doctors in Seattle, is in-charge of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Facility located at 1229 Madison St. Suite 1600 in Seattle. Dr. Isik specialises in two areas namely cosmetic surgery and breast reconstruction. His educational qualifications spans from Boston University Medical Center, Queen’s College, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine to University of Washington where he completed a three-year fellowship in plastic surgery. He is a part of the Polyclinic in Seattle which boasts of many reputed doctors serving in different specialisations. Dr. Isik is also a member of several coveted associations including the American College of Surgeons, the American Society of Plastic Surgery, Seattle Surgical Society among others. A recipient of several awards for his work, Dr. Isik has also published papers and articles in various publications as well as books. If you look for ‘top doctors in Seattle’ you will find Dr. Isik’s name in the list, thus making him one of the most trusted and respected names in plastic surgery in Seattle. Dr. Isik’s facility offers almost all types of plastic surgery procedures. He offers different breast surgery procedures such as Latissimus Dorsi Flap Breast Reconstruction and TRAM Flap Breast Reconstruction in addition to the usual procedures of augmentation, life, reduction and reconstruction after cancer. The facial procedures include eyelid lift and facelift, rhinoplasty, facial cosmetic surgery and ear pinning as well. Body contouring procedures including tummy tuck, arm contouring, leg contouring, liposuction and cosmetic body contouring surgeries are also available at the facility. You can approach Dr. Isik also for botox, fuller eyelashes, injectable fillers, Vi Peels and also for a large number of skincare products. It is not that expertise and experience you get at the facility, but also the right information and latest technology. Here, you get to undergo procedures from the best skilled surgeon and his team.

Egrari Plastic Surgery Center Dr. Sepehr Egrari MD FACS

Egrari Plastic Surgery Center

A plastic surgery center that has a spa-like setting where top class medical procedures related to plastic surgery are offered with utmost care, comfort and luxury. The Egrari Plastic Surgery Center is located at 2950 Northup Way Bellevue. Dr. Sephehr Egrari, the medical director of the facility, did not want to just set up a plastic surgery clinic but he wanted a place of excellence. Dr. Egrari is one of the renowned plastic surgeons of Seattle and he has years of experience behind him. His educational qualifications, expertise and skills have made him one of the trusted names in plastic surgery. He has certification from reputed institutes like the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well the American Board of Surgery. He offers surgical as well as non-surgical procedures. What makes the Center one of its kind is the absolute care that they put in different departments. They have used latest technology not just for their procedures but for their infrastructure as well. They have a separate state-of-the-art facility, almost like a medical spa for the Egrari Non-Invasive Center. Non-invasive procedures are very popular with the young generation as well, and hence the facility is built with an aim to appeal to the youth as well as adults. The plastic surgery section provides body, breast, face procedures. They also offer several procedures for men including facial rejuvenation, breast reduction, weight loss, pectoral implants and more. Apart from breast enhancement, body procedures and facial plastic surgeries, the facility also offers non-invasive procedures that include botox, facial fillers, lip enhancement, coolsculpting and more. You can visit the clinic for any kind of fat removal as well as mommy makeover as well. As they have two separate units for surgeries and non-surgical treatments, you can be assured of individualised service along with the best facilities and a relaxed atmosphere and the best plastic surgeon in the form of Dr. Egrari. He can be contacted via his website.

Sound Plastic Surgery Dr. Joshua Cooper and Dr. Scott Sattler

Sound Plastic Surgery

Board certified and members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Joshua Cooper and Dr. Scott Sattler are amongst the best plastic surgeons in Seattle. They provide many types of treatments comprising both cosmetic as well as reconstructive surgery. Dr. Cooper and Dr. Sattler believe in providing excellent medical facilities and are renowned for the best results they provide. Sound Plastic Surgery is known for its patient care and is considered to be one of the best plastic surgery clinics offering superior technology as well as superior medical care for its patients. Both the doctors work as a team and conduct all the procedures themselves. They also have a skilled and professional team working at the facility. When it comes to cosmetic and plastic surgery, it needs special care and understanding not just to treat the patients but also understanding the psychological aspects that patients undergo as well. The team of the center are trained to handle the patients and each case is treated with utmost care, respect and precision. The doctors are also award winners in their field having won the ‘Best Plastic Surgeon’ awards from the Seattle Metropolitan Magazine in two consecutive years in 2015 and 2016. The Center is located on 4915 25th Avenue NE and offers every kind of plastic surgery there it is, from ear and eye procedures to body treatments. They also have the latest technology plus a lavish and comfortable surgery as well as recovery room. You can contact the center for body contouring, breast procedures, fat grafting, butt lift, earlobe repair, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, mommy makeover, liposuction to hair transplantation. They also offer procedures such as blephraoplasty, mastopexy, volume, sculptra and Radiesse injections as well.